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Main practice areas

Copyrights. Protection of artistic and intellectual works and obtaining their registration before the National Institute of Copyright. Preparation and prosecution of serial publications,registration of copyrighted works, titles for magazines, television and radio programs, characters, artistic names and original ad-campaigns. ​

Trademarks. Distinctive signs (trademarks, denominations of origin, trade names and commercial slogans). Some of the fundamental services: searches, prosecution, registration and maintenance of distinctive signs in Mexico and abroad.

Patents. New creations are patents, utility models, drawings and industrial designs, integrated circuits and plant varieties. The department at the firm in charge of new creations is not only made up of lawyers who are experts in the area, but also engineers specialized in different fields of science.

Litigation. Litigate all types of infractions related with industrial and intellectual property, including those subjects of administrative, civil, commercial and criminal character. Furthermore, we prosecute domain name matters. (Some of our services in civil and criminal litigation are rendered by allied firms).

Sanitary Regulation. Our group can furnish information concerning the regulations that must be complied with, and the permits that must be obtained by manufacturers and importers, for the preparation and sale of food, alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements, cosmetics and medicines.


Bolland, Marcela

Castillo, Eryck

Domínguez Torrado, Ignacio

González, Consuelo

Hadad, Xavier

Pérez Pérez, Eugenio

Ponce, Mario

Santoyo Orozco, Saul

Trujillo, Carlos

Uhthoff-Orive, Javier



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