The Risk Advisory Group

Business Intelligence & Investigations Department


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The Risk Advisory Group has particular expertise helping with legal issues. Our most common engagements involve due diligence, internal investigations, asset tracing and evidence gathering in support of commercial proceedings. 

Our core focus is on helping clients in complex anti-bribery and corruption matters, and high stakes commercial disputes. For over two decades, we have helped clients with major foreign investment decisions, deliberations with regulators, and the implementation of monitorships. In commercial disputes, we help those same clients present stronger pleadings, win in court applications, and enforce judgments by locating attachable assets. 

We provide these services to general counsel, their legal teams and international law firms that support them.  We understand the wider context of our work and the importance of executing assignments to a high legal standard. Our clients commissions us because we know how to access and apply information and present evidence in a way that is deployable, actionable and admissible. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our local expertise. Our analysts know what data is available and how it can be obtained, and can access human intelligence that actually advances our clients’ positions. Because they have lived and worked in the countries they cover, our analysts bring a nuanced understanding of local customs, aligences, political agendas and other contextual factors.