The Risk Advisory Group

Asset Tracing & Recovery (Investigations Agencies) Department


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Risk Advisory has a dedicated Litigation & Arbitration team staffed by former lawyers and certified fraud examiners. Asset tracing and recovery investigations are the cornerstone of this practice. We work for international law firms and directly with in-house legal departments. 

We specialise in locating and providing evidence of assets owned directly by the subjects of our investigations. We take a tailored and creative approach to identifying the full range of current, fixed and non-current assets. We are fully attuned to our clients’ priorities: finding assets that are easily attachable, free from the protections of state law or sovereign immunity, and located in jurisdictions where enforcement is more straightforward. 

Risk Advisory also assists clients in creating enforcement and recovery strategies. We help them obtain better disclosure from their counterparty – whether  through supporting  Section 1782 discovery, or by locating personal wealth disclosures made by individuals. 

We also work with lawyers to unlock recovery by unwinding offshore company and trust structures, identifying fraudulent transactions and evidencing other unlawful asset dissipation activities. We often combine these steps with the gathering of intelligence our clients can use to facilitate recovery through negotiated settlements. This can take a number of forms including generating evidence of unexplained wealth, non-compliance with local tax obligations, as well as bribery and other misconduct.