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With over 80 years in the market, TELLES has vast experience and tradition in litigation and arbitration, predominantly civil and commercial, both domestically and internationally, providing its clients the higher practice levels, in conjunction with the ongoing doctrinal and jurisprudential updating of its lawyers, in the strictest compliance with the best ethical and deontological standards of practice and the high zeal put into every file.

In the last few years, TELLES played a very significant role on the litigation that arose from the several bank collapses occurred in Portugal, being the only firm involved in all cases, representing banks, directors, shareholders, creditors and investors, as the case maybe, both on civil and criminal issues.

TELLES also has been acting on behalf of health clinics, hospitals and doctors in several medical liability cases, following the needs of its clients in this area of practice that has experienced a high growth in the number of court cases in the last few years, to which has assigned specialised lawyers who have been following the development of national doctrine and jurisprudence in these matters.

But its main source of litigation cases are still shareholders and corporate disputes and conflicts arising from SPA and M&A operations as well as contractors, distribution agreements, transportation and insurance.

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André Navarro de Noronha
André Navarro de Noronha
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