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Subsoil users have been our major clients from the outset of SIGNUM Law Firm. We have been trusted by the leading oil and gas companies, service and trading companies, as well as government agencies.

We are proud that we have been long standing legal advisors to many of our clients from the moment of signing subsoil use contracts up to present days. We have been providing legal support to our clients on subsoil use matters (e.g. negotiating with the Government, assisting with obtaining regulatory approvals for project and technological documents, litigation, including complex tax litigation cases and oil operations rules applicability practice).

Our M&A lawyers have rendered legal support for significant transactions in relation to acquisition of oil and gas and mining assets (e.g., our lawyers have advised on the major IPO deal on a Kazakhstan Stock Exchange).

Some of our Kazakhstan oil and gas and mining lawyers have worked in-house in leading oil and gas companies, enabling us to appreciate our clients’ technical and commercial objectives.  This allows us to fully understand business strategy of our clients as well as their internal technical and business objectives.  In addition, narrow specialization of our lawyers ensures both professionalism and practicality of our advices and recommendations.


Kudaibergenova, Gaukhar

Nakipov, Abylkhair

Nurlankyzy, Perizat

Sariev, Talgat

Zhumakhmetova, Liza

Zhylkaidarova, Sofiya