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In recent years, criminal disputes have become more complicated, largely due to the increasing number of white-collar crimes being committed. The need for advice and trial representation by lawyers who are specialized in criminal disputes has thus become essential.

We have lawyers who have extensive experience with criminal prosecutions from previous careers in the Prosecutor’s Office or in the judiciary. We are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of criminal dispute procedures, and are able to navigate the client through all stages of the dispute, from investigations by police or prosecutors or administrative organizations to court trial.


Byun, Ok-Sook

Choi, Seong-Jin

Hong, Tak-Kyun

Kang, Jeong Seok

Kim, Hong-Il

Kim, Jin Tae

Lee, Doo Sik

Lee, Euisu

Lee, Keonjoo

Lee, Noh Kong

Lee, Yong-Sung

Shin, Ho Chul

Yeom, Dong-Shin


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