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The Tax Law Area holds a proven track record dealing with the tax issues of our clients, whether they be individuals or businesses. Our team of tax lawyers is in a superb position to formulate proposals that improve the tax liability of their clients, addressing specific issues and gauging all available tax planning options to work out the one that best matches the particular circumstances of the client. We provide the following services:

  • Recurrent tax advice assisting companies to comply with their tax duties.
  • Analysis of the tax implications associated to specific transactions. We are able to draw up the most tax-efficient options with regards to a wide range of operations including: financial, insurance and wealth structuring.
  • Tax planning of corporate structures both domestically and internationally.
  • Advice on the tax implications associated to corporate restructuring operations with a particular focus on M&A.
  • Tax issues related to personal and family estates, with a particular emphasis on wealth and inheritance tax.
  • Tax issues related to public and quasi-public institutions, including non-profit organisations (charities and associations), teaching and sporting institutions.
  • We assist our clients with their relations with the Tax Administration, acting on their behalf before the Spanish Tax Inspection Authority.
  • Defence of appeals and claims against the Tax Administration, including applications for judicial review before the contentious•administrative courts.


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