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Răzvan Dincă & Asociatii's IP lawyers gained long established fame as being some of the best in Romania. Our area of expertise includes all IP legal aspects and our work is highly appreciated for the

deep knowledge of this specialized field, effective communication with the competent authorities and courts, as well as warm and

efficient contact with our clients. Our law firm draws particular attention for its expertise in patent and trademark litigation, as well as enforcement proceedings.


Răzvan Dincă & Asociatii's Intellectual Property team deals with all intellectual property matters, including trade marks, designs,

patents, copyright, trade secrets and unfair competition. It advises on all IP issues, from defining strategy, filing applications, to litigation for

international clients from a range of sectors as life sciences, technology, entertainment and FMCG.


Irina Speciac heads the IP department with a focus on patent and trademark litigation, while Vlad Stănese head the IP prosecution department,

handling proceedings in front of the Romanian State Office for Patents and Trademarks, EUIPO and WIPO.




Representing British American Tobacco in a number of patent infringement court cases;

Advising and representing Football Club Rapid 1923 in front of Romanian Courts in trademark infringement and cancellation proceedings;

Representing HBO Europe in court proceedings aimed at establishing the tariffs applied by a particular CMO.

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Intellectual Property

Răzvan Dincă
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Ionuţ Cofaru

Irina Speciac

Head of Department

Vlad Stănese

Head of Department


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British American Tobacco; Novartis; HBO; FC Rapid; Haribo


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Pharma; Tobacco; Media & Entertainment; Energy; Automotive; FMCG