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Civil Law, which as from 2002 includes the Commercial Code, is the foundation of all legal reality, encompassing the set or rules that govern private interests. Because of its importance and far-reaching scope, Civil Law is the centerpiece of all fields of Law.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados is active in all areas and ramifications of Civil Law, serving Brazilian and foreign individuals and legal entities. The firm’s professionals hold lato and stricto sensu specialization degrees, and several of them engage in academic activities in conjunction with their professional activities.

The firm’s civil and commercial litigation practice involves:

  • Interpretation of rules and contracts;
  • Statute of limitations and loss of procedural rights;
  • Civil capacity and identity, associations and foundations;
  • Validity of legal transactions, fulfillment of obligations, all types of contracts (civil, commercial, financial), guarantees and credit instruments;
  • Civil, professional, supplier’s and manufacturer’s liability;
  • Corporate activity and de facto and de jure corporations;
  • Possession, ownership or condominium of assets and rights of any kind;
  • Kinship relations, marriage, stable union ruling, guardianship and curatorship;
  • Succession, wills, probate proceedings and estate planning.