Perkins Coie LLP

Private Wealth Law Department

California: Northern
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Perkins Coie provides estate planning, trust administration and business succession planning services for affluent clients. "They are brilliant and really care about delivering the very best advice possible," one source remarks; "they do a great job of keeping the appropriate team members in the loop on all matters."

"They are very focused on service and making sure that they are collaborating closely with us and the clients to come up with the best plan," one interviewee enthuses, adding: "The fact that they take a collaborative approach to advising families in concert with investment advisers and so on makes our job much easier. They have a big 'we' culture, they are interested in considering different points of view to get the best deal for their clients, they are really client-focused." This interviewee also says: "What sets them apart is that they are focused on responsiveness, collaborating and delivering fantastic client experience. When you give a referral, you want someone who will deliver the same client service you would deliver as it reflects on you. We are extremely confident giving them as a referral as we know they will treat them fantastically."

Notable practitioners

Caitlin Carey advises high net worth individuals and families on estate, trust and tax planning. "She is really good," a market insider notes, continuing: "She is so hard-working, very pleasant, very smart and responsive." An investment adviser comments: "She has a great bedside manner. She has the ability to ask probing questions and she is a very active listener. She can translate soft and qualitative comments of clients into advice that addresses them if they are not easily measurable."

Paula Leibovitz Goodwin "is in my opinion the most brilliant estate, trust and tax attorney practising in California," one source comments, continuing: "Given how complex her topic is, she does an amazing job of breaking down the issues to be understandable to clients and their advisers in ways they can relate to, allowing them to make informed decisions. She is respectful of clients and their need for education before decision making." Another interviewee states: "I was very impressed with her expertise and her approach to trying to help solve family conflicts. I have referred people who needed sophisticated estate planning to her and she always gets exemplary feedback. She is on my top high net worth estate planning list."

Susan Von Herrmann advises high net worth individuals and families on trust and estate planning, charitable giving and wealth transfer."She is easy to deal with, bright, knowledgeable and she has a wealth of experience," a commentator remarks, adding: "She covers all her bases, she knows her stuff back to front. She is my go-to person; she stands out the most to me in San Francisco." Another interviewee notes:"She deals in very complex situations and has a great deal of experience advising on complex matters, so from a professional point of view when we send someone to her we know that she has the horsepower to address any situation and deliver a great client experience. It's rare to have someone who can delve into complexities but have the soft personal touch and connect with all sorts of people and build relationships."