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Based in Geneva but borderless in its reach, Monfrini Bitton Klein is an internationally recognised, conflict-free litigation boutique focusing on asset recovery, anti-corruption investigations, business crime defence and offshore litigation.

Successor to the law firm founded by Enrico Monfrini in 1978, the firm has since the late 1990s gained international renown for conducting multi-jurisdictional asset recovery proceedings on behalf of foreign governments in grand corruption cases, liquidators of foreign insolvencies, and defrauded individuals or companies, resulting in the recovery of more than US$2 billion in damages and crime proceeds.

Over the years, the firm’s lawyers have developed innovative asset recovery strategies and techniques, using a unique combination of cross-border criminal, mutual assistance, insolvency and civil proceedings to obtain restorative justice for their clients.

The firm is also preeminent in offshore civil litigation and uses its asset recovery skills to enforce foreign judgments, arbitral awards and insolvency orders, obtain evidence and freeze orders in support of foreign proceedings, and trace and recover assets concealed in Switzerland or abroad for claimants in commercial, matrimonial and probate disputes.

The firm is recognised in business crime defence, mutual assistance proceedings in penal and tax matters, and anti-corruption investigations.


Bitton, David

Bitton, David

Bouzaglo, James

Kaiflin, Edouard

Klein, Yves

Monfrini, Enrico

Mottironi, Antonia

Torrent, Nathalie


Banca Turco Romana SA, in liquidation (Romania)

Banco Santos SA, in liquidation (Brazil)

Bilta (UK) Ltd, , in liquidation (England)

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Federative Republic of Brazil

Republic of Guinea

Stanford International Bank Ltd, in liquidation (Antigua)

Yves Bouvier (Singapore)



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