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Our International practice offers clients experience with a wide variety of trade and investment policy issues and with most aspects of the increasingly interrelated areas of international legal and regulatory compliance covered by U.S. laws and international agreements. Our team is recognized in the areas of antidumping, countervailing duty, safeguards, and market disruption proceedings; customs; trade policy and legislation; civilian and military export controls; economic sanctions; the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and international anti-corruption laws; U.S. anti-boycott regimes; WTO and NAFTA dispute settlement; WTO and bilateral negotiations and compliance; and global regulatory compliance. Our clients have involved us centrally in a series of seminal cases, including some of the largest and most significant countervailing duty, antidumping, safeguards, WTO dispute settlement, NAFTA binational panel, and NAFTA Extraordinary Challenge cases ever to be litigated. Having represented clients in FCPA matters for more than 30 years, Miller & Chevalier has a wealth of experience in anti-corruption work. In recognition of the depth and breadth of our International practice, we are regularly called upon by some of the world's largest multinational corporations to design and implement international regulatory compliance programs, perform internal audits, investigations, and global due diligence, and defend against enforcement actions.


Almonte, Alejandra Montenegro

Atkinson, Kathryn Cameron

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Behre, Kirby D.

Bensfield, James A.

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