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Maurice Turnor Gardner is an exceptionally well-regarded boutique firm capable of handling complex international and cross-border matters for high net worth clients. "They are our favourite rivals," reveals one market source, and another comments: "I recommend all of my clients to Maurice Turnor Gardner, they are an exceptional law firm. They are second to none in terms of ability and their commitment to clients."

"If I have something that I want someone else's input on, I always call Maurice Turnor Gardner. They get some meat around the problem and they give us more than legal advice," says one interviewee, adding: "They are always at the other end of the phone; they are always there for us. I never feel that I can't ring them because it's too late or a silly question." An impressed source enthuses:"They are at the top of their game. They are incredibly responsive, hugely knowledgeable and as reliable as you can get. They are thoroughly pleasant to work with and they are fantastic to work with." The source continues: "Their attention to detail stands out, as does their ability to manage thoroughly complex issues without making it look overwhelming. They are very talented."

Notable practitioners

Ceris Gardner is regarded by sources as "phenomenal" and "a leading lawyer in the London market." She has substantial experience advising on tax, estate planning and family governance. "She is really lovely to work with. She is very collaborative, experienced and pragmatic," says an interviewee, adding: "Working with her is a wonderful experience. Pragmatism is not always the top thing you'd use to describe most lawyers but Ceris has nailed it. She always approaches things from both a technical and pragmatic standpoint." One commentator notes: "I find her very approachable, very reassuring to clients in difficult situations and she has a good perspective and ability to have a 360-degree view of the problem, which is essential. She is really intelligent and capable of articulating difficult problems." Another comments: "She is excellent. She is just lovely to work with, everyone would agree. She is extremely easy to work with and full of knowledge."

Clare Maurice is considered "the grande dame of private client work." She has a wealth of experience advising high net worth clients on tax and estate planning, with notable expertise in philanthropic matters. One commentator enthuses: "She is phenomenally good. I admire her. She is really intelligent, she has remarkable judgement and she is wonderful to work with." Another reveals: "I recommend her my best clients. She is absolutely fantastic to work with. She is thoughtful, creative and so, so intelligent." A third source observes: "She goes above and beyond for clients, she is a really good strategist and she is really pragmatic. She is a first-class private client lawyer."

Ed Powles "is recognised by everyone as a brilliant lawyer," states a commentator. He is well known for advising high net worth clients, family offices and trustees on a broad range of matters. "Ed Powles is someone I would recommend," says a source, explaining: "He is very, very bright, very quick and good at understanding the crux of the issue when you're looking at a complex situation." One interviewee observes: "He is wonderful to work with. He is just the right mix of being sympathetic to family needs whilst also being a great lawyer." Another says that "he is very bright, very pragmatic and a joy to work with."

Managing partner Emma-Jane Weider is well known for advising high net worth clients on an array of matters. A source notes: "I always like working with Emma-Jane. She is very good. She is very practical and very down to earth but at the same time incredibly knowledgeable. She has a deep technical knowledge. She is someone I would highly recommend on a technical query." One interviewee comments: "I think her technical ability is excellent. She has excellent client skills and she is really strong on offshore tax matters." Another says: "She is intelligent, she has a great manner with clients and she is responsive."

Fiona Poole advises high net worth clients in estate, succession and tax planning. She is dual-qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser. One source comments: "She is a superb technical lawyer, very hard-working and fantastic with clients." Another enthuses: "I refer my friends to her, which is the ultimate sign that I rate her. She is technically superb, she is both an accountant and a lawyer. She is also just really human; she is easy to chat to and she makes things feel less overwhelming by putting people at ease. She explains things very succinctly."

Head of the firm's private wealth team Jennifer Chambers advises international and domestic clients on estate planning, succession and charitable planning. One interviewee comments: "Jennifer Chambers is excellent. She sees the bigger picture, she is really focused on client service and she is really pragmatic." Another remarks: "She is extremely impressive. She is extremely organised, rigorous in her approach to absolutely everything and just the safest pair of hands."

Paul Whitehead has considerable experience advising high net worth clients on wealth structuring, tax and estate planning. "He is just a great lawyer," states a source, explaining: "He doesn't just give you a yes or no answer, but he shows you your options and explains them clearly. He gives clients the full picture of the pros and cons of doing any one thing, which is helpful for clients who want to make a fully informed decision." Another source comments: "Paul is extremely knowledgeable, he's very calm and collected and he's able to put things across quite simply even when it's actually complex." A third source notes: "He is spectacular. Paul gives excellent advice. He provides incredibly technical advice in a user-friendly format."

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.

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