Marxer & Partner

Private Wealth Law Department

Current View:

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Marxer & Partner is a full-service firm in Liechtenstein and said to be a "top firm in private wealth." Sources praise its team's expertise in Liechtenstein private foundations law. One international interviewee explains that "we usually choose them when there is a project that requires legal knowledge in Liechtenstein law, because they are one of the law firms involved in drafting the law on foundations in Liechtenstein. I think that they really have a good expertise. They can really think about the legal aspects of what they are doing, and the consequences… I think that differentiates them from providers that only do structures."

Marxer is also highlighted for the "significant fiduciary service which it provides to HNW clients," and which complements its legal services business. A fellow Liechtenstein lawyer says that "they are the biggest law firm here and very strong in the trustee business," adding that "they are one of the leaders for Liechtenstein trust business and very popular for international clients."

Notable practitioners

Peers in the private wealth industry report that Johannes Burger has "huge experience of this market and was one of the first partners who offered this to such a high level." They also describe him as "a leading light in the trust business," and say he is "of course a top-level lawyer, with much experience of the legal system and the fiduciary issues which arise."

Sources describe Stefan Wenaweser as "an excellent lawyer who absolutely knows what he is doing," and as a "younger but very experienced partner who handles very, very good clients."