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Recognised as a preeminent law firm in the highly specialised field of asset tracing and recovery, Martin Kenney & Co (MKS) is a multi-jurisdictional litigation practice based in Road Town, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Our lawyers concentrate on the representation of persons harmed by economic crime in a multi-jurisdictional setting. The firm uses a combination of traditional and extraordinary measures to gather, most usually on an emergency basis, evidence of serious forms of wrongdoing and to recover substantial value in many places concurrently

Our lawyers also represent clients in building investigative models to solve a diverse set of extreme-fact problems caused by dishonest conduct. The firm employs a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and has a surge capacity which permits it to draw from an extensive network of lawyers, investigators and forensic accountants.

Our Head of Firm, Martin Kenney, is recognised as one of the world’s leading asset recovery lawyers. He is a founder member of ICC FraudNet, an elite international network of asset tracing and recovery lawyers and is a Visiting Professor to the School of Justice at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.

Our Partner, Dan Wise, is a highly-experienced, transnational asset recovery and insolvency lawyer, specialising in complex, cross-border commercial litigation.

Meanwhile our Head of Advocacy, Charles Bott KC (a consultant), is a well-known and highly regarded advocate.

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Asset Tracing & Recovery (Law Firms)

Martin S Kenney
Martin S Kenney
Head of Asset Tracing & Recovery (Law Firms)
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Andrew Blackburn

Andrew Gilliland

Charles Bott

Head of Department

Dan Wise

Head of Department

Hakim Creque

Jamie James

Malcolm Arthurs

Marcelo Ruiz Rodrigues Dos Santos

Markus Stadler

Martin S Kenney

Martin S Kenney

Head of Department


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General Motors

Government of the BVI

Nissan Motor Co.

Ronald Ming, Bertha Ming, Regina Ming

Stanford International Bank (in liquidation)



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Family Succession



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