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Employment: DIFC & ADGM Litigation (UK-Based Barristers) - United Arab Emirates
What the team is known for

London-based set Littleton Chambers fields a number of barristers who have a considerable experience appearing in employment litigation before the DIFC courts and those of the ADGM. Its lawyers are equally capable of representing employers and individual employees. Key cases have included whistle-blowing claims, discrimination disputes and commercial employment injunctions.


"Littleton Chambers has made its mark as the chambers of choice for DIFC employment disputes. Its reputation for strength in depth in employment law is well established; it has highly helpful and proactive clerks."

Notable practitioners

James Bickford Smith is based in London and has a significant track record in employment litigation before the courts of the DIFC and ADGM. He is an accomplished barrister who often appears on cases such as executive terminations and business protection disputes. "James Bickford Smith is an excellent operator. His written advice is first class - very clear and easily navigable for the client." "James Bickford Smith is really impressive. He combines a razor-sharp strategic mind with an excellent work ethic. A delight to work with."

London-based Mohinderpal Sethi KC is well known for his regular engagement on DIFC employment cases. He is experienced in representing both employers and individual employees. "Mohinderpal Sethi KC is practical, makes things easy to understand, is well organised and clients absolutely love him. He is quick in deciphering key issues and suggesting a plan of action." "Mohinderpal is an absolute genius at work and an expert in his field. He has the ability to shift through jargon and explain the situation in plain English." "If I needed a KC, it would be him."

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United Arab Emirates

Employment: DIFC & ADGM Litigation (UK-Based Barristers)

James Bickford Smith
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Mohinderpal Sethi KC
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