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An Austrian source describes LeitnerLeitner as "a powerhouse in tax advice," and reports that "they are excellent, particularly Mr Leitner. They are the size of a Big Four firm here – they're really big." Anothersays the firm is "very experienced in trust and estates private client business," and adds that "they have a lot of offices in Central and Eastern Europe, so we can also get reliable tax advice in Eastern Europe."

The firm is highlighted for its expertise in private client tax work. The firm is also said to be "very active in the non-profit area" and "well-known, renowned experts in estate planning.""They're excellent," says a source, adding: "They're close to the client and they're interested in the client’s interests, not their own. Also, they are the right-sized firm to deal with client needs. I love to work with them. I can only say the best about them." Another interviewee says the firm is "strong in the market," and adds that "they are good at what they do: very focused, very committed to clients. I would always go to them if I had to choose."

Key contacts:

Reinhard Leitner, Partner

Gerald Gahleitner, Partner