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Kvale's TMT advise a number of industry leaders in electronic communications, digital media, software development as well as a number of other sectors that rely on technology. We help clients across all sectors with ongoing digitalization processes, as well as data protection and cyber security issues.

Within the telecoms sector, our lawyers have worked closely with mobile-network operators and broadband suppliers. We advise key industry companies with regulatory matters, sector-specific market regulation, data protection, contracts, transactions and interaction with the authorities.

We advise on traditional IT issues, including development and use of software, use of open sourceand in- and out-sourcing. Building on this expertise, we are also engaged in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to sharing of data, establishing and operating co-operative platforms, including application of IoT. We also work with clients who are developing on-line platforms for distribution of both digital and traditional services and have extensive experience with electronic commerce for both B2C and B2B.

Our team of lawyers possesses in-depth knowledge of the media and entertainment industry. We assist with distribution of digital content 

and clearing of rights issues. Kvale also provides advise in connection with arts and entertainment and our clients include museums, record and publishing companies, artists and entertainers.


Farhang, Thomas

Gjesti, Jens Christian

Jenssen, Lars Trygve

Sejersted, Anne Marie

Svendsen, Per-Kaare

Vaale-Hallberg, Marie