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Kvale’s lawyers have extensive experience of handling large and complex civil actions in the ordinary courts and in arbitration tribunals. We frequently represent many of Norway’s largest companies, including in the oil and gas, energy, pharmacy and telecoms sectors. We are recognised as having outstanding commercial and technical understanding of these industries.

Kvale is one of the top-tier litigation firms in Norway, and the company’s skilled lawyers are regularly appointed as arbitration judges in legal disputes. Our team currently includes more than 25 lawyers who litigate regularly and the firm has nine lawyers who are qualified to appear before the Norwegian Supreme Court.

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Dispute Resolution

Per Conradi Andersen
Per Conradi Andersen
Head of Dispute Resolution
Band 4


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Alexander Daae

Andreas Stang Lund

Christian Stang Våland

Gunnar Stake-Larsen

Kristian Lindhartsen

Per Conradi Andersen

Per Conradi Andersen

Head of Department