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Our strong and solid experience includes all segments of the energy industry and extends to the full range of activities from licensing and execution of agreements to potential dispute resolution; reform of and institutional support to the energy sector; energy legislation; negotiations with energy companies. For more than fifteen years, we have been providing sophisticated legal advice on all aspects of energy law to a diverse array of clients involved in the challenging world of exploitation, production, transportation, marketing and distribution. Our deep knowledge of the European legislation on the liberalisation of the energy markets and our constant monitoring of any new legislative amendments in the EU is based on our constant update on the legal developments in the European and international energy industry.

In particular, our experience in the energy sector encompasses all aspects of project development, finance and acquisition – often in a multi-jurisdictional environment - as well as institutional and capacity building.

We have also played a significant role in the elaboration and introduction of the regulatory framework on energy and transportation within the former Soviet Union and Southeastern Europe.


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