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What the team is known for

Houses a deep bench of practitioners with experience handling a wide range of domestic and overseas litigation and arbitration matters. Well known for its experience in representing clients before all levels of court including the Supreme People's Court. Also notable for representing clients before various arbitral tribunals, including CIETAC, HKIAC, the ICC and the SCC. Counts major state-owned enterprises, listed companies and foreign corporations among its clients. Prominently active on cross-border dispute resolution cases, thanks to its international reach and network. Its offering on the international arbitration front has been further strengthened by new lateral hires.


Clients often single out the group for its national footprint. One source reports: "The firm is resourceful and is able to mobilise resources quickly within the firm. The disputes take place in several cities, and the firm has offices in these locations, therefore their support is in place."

The practice's offering in international arbitration cases is also noted by many, with one interviewee saying: "I think King & Wood Mallesons is the strongest among Chinese law firms in international arbitration cases. It is a complicated case involving different jurisdictions. The lawyers are experienced and the firm has rich resources."

Work highlights

Represented Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and its affiliates in a series of disputes involving equity transfer agreements. The client obtained several lands by acquiring interest in several project companies and their parent company through domestic and overseas acquisitions, which led to disputes with the overseas seller's minority shareholder.

Notable practitioners



客户经常点名称赞该律所的全国布局。一位消息人士评价说: “该律所有着丰富的资源并且能够迅速调动其内部资源。纠纷涉及到多个城市,该所在这些城市均有办公室,因此他们可以提供到位的支持。”

该团队在国际仲裁案件上的实力同样也得到了很多受访者的提及,其中一位受访者说到: “我认为金杜律师事务所在国际仲裁案件中是中国律师事务所中最强的。这是一起涉及到多个法域的复杂案件。律师们都非常有经验,而且律所的资源非常丰富。”


代表周大福及其关联公司处理涉及股权转让协议的一系列纠纷。客户通过国内和海外收购, 取得了几家项目公司及其母公司的权益,从而获得几块土地, 并由此导致了与海外卖方的少数股东之间的纠纷。


Ariel Ye is "well experienced for sure," one client asserts, adding: "She offers a lot of constructive advice and has the client's best interest in heart. We feel assured when the case is in her capable hands." Her enviable expertise in cross-border arbitrated disputes, especially in matters concerning share transfer, investment in BOT projects and agency agreement issues, remains pivotal to the practice's offering.

叶渌 律师“肯定是经验丰富的”,一位客户确认说,并补充道: “她可以提供很多富有建设性的意见, 并且将客户利益最大化放在心上。当案子交到她的手上时,我们感到很放心。” 她在跨境仲裁纠纷中令人羡慕的专业知识仍然对该所业务至关重要,尤其是在股权转让、BOT项目投资以及代理协议问题上。

Considered "an expert in handling international arbitration," Jessica Fei stands out for her representation of large domestic groups and SOEs in various disputes concerning financings and commercial agreements. She is dual-qualified in the PRC and New York state, and has a focus on the energy sector. Clients are impressed by her thorough understanding and handling of arbitration proceedings, with one summing up: "She knows how to pick an arbitrator and where the key points and issues are in the cases. She is meticulous in her work and we well recognised that."

费佳 律师被认为是“处理国际仲裁方面的专家”,她在代理大型国内公司和国有企业处理有关融资和商业协议的各类争议中脱颖而出。她同时拥有中国及美国纽约州的律师资格,并专注于能源领域。她对仲裁程序的透彻理解和处理给客户留下深刻的印象,其中一位总结道: “她知道如何选择仲裁员,以及案件中的关键点和问题在哪。她工作细致, 我们都很认可。”

Zhang Mei assists in various disputes concerning commercial and construction project issues, predominantly representing domestic entities. She makes her debut this year, having been endorsed by market sources for her solid skills and expertise.

张梅 律师主要代表国内企业,为有关商业和建筑工程问题的各种纠纷提供支持。因受到了众多市场观察人士对她扎实的技能和专业知识的背书, 她于今年首登榜单。

Richard Yun offers advice on disputes related to loans and capital injections, typically representing financial institutions and advisory entities. One client appreciates that "he provides creative and practical solutions," adding: "He finds out areas that are not feasible/operable and works out something practical for us."

云治 律师就与贷款和注资有关的纠纷提供法律意见, 通常代表金融机构和咨询公司。一位客户十分欣赏“他能够提供具有创造性且实用的解决方案,”并补充道: “他会指出不可行的地方并为我们找到可行的方案。”

Zhang Shouzhi has accumulated considerable experience over the years, and forms part of the "backbone of the team." He is particularly skilled in infrastructure project and joint venture disputes.

张守志 律师多年來积累了丰富经验,并作为“团队骨干力量”的一份子。他尤其擅长处理基础设施项目和合资企业纠纷。

Leading the dispute resolution department, Huang Tao has vast experience in litigation and arbitration matters involving infrastructure and construction projects as well as investment disputes. One interviewee says: "We have domestic and cross-border cases, and he is very good at coordinating and mobilising resources."

领导争议解决团队的 黄滔 律师在涉及基础设施和建设项目以及投资纠纷的诉讼和仲裁事宜上具有大量的经验。一位受访者说到: “我们国内和跨境案件,他非常擅长于协调和调动资源。”

According to sources, Liu Yuwu "has extensive experience in the field of dispute resolution. His long-term professional career has provided him with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience." He is sought after for his expertise handling litigation and arbitration proceedings, particularly in disputes relating to construction and infrastructure projects as well as investments. He has notable experience in cases heard before the ICC, CIETAC and BAC.

消息人士表示, 刘郁武 律师“在争议解决领域经验丰富。长年的执业生涯令他同时具备极为扎实的理论功底和丰富的实践经验。” 他因其在处理诉讼和仲裁程序方面的专业知识广受追捧,尤其是在与建筑和基础设施项目以及投资有关的纠纷。他在国际商会国际仲裁院、中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会及北京仲裁委员会受理的案件上具有突出经验。

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.


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