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Corporate Investigations/Anti-Corruption (PRC Firms) Department

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What the team is known for Leading practice in the corporate investigations and anti-corruption sphere. Noted for broad coverage, from compliance review to commercial bribery representation and investigations. Stellar client list includes multinationals and Fortune 500 corporations from a wide range of industries spanning the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, banking and finance, biotechnology and energy sectors. Proven experience in representing large domestic corporations including SOEs. Additionally offers advice on compliance matters that involve criminal law elements, representing corporate and individual clients. Clients further benefit from its experience in rolling out compliance policies and systems, as well as providing relevant training.

Strengths The practice has been singled out for its in-depth market insights. One client reveals: "We have found King & Wood Mallesons to be particularly helpful if we want to understand which way the wind is blowing, whether it is on a purely anti-corruption level, or to help to explain why certain things are happening in a particular way in China. The team has good insight to share."

Work highlights Defended a former chairman of an investment bank against a commercial bribery allegation.

Notable practitioners

业务优势  该律所是在企业调查和反贪腐领域中领先的律所。因其广泛的业务覆盖受到瞩目, 从合规审查到商业贿赂法律代理以及商业贿赂调查都有覆盖到。星光熠熠的客户名单包括来自制药、电信、银行和金融、生物科技和能源等行业,领域的跨国公司和财富500强公司。在代表大型国内公司方面拥有丰富的经验,包括国有企业。此外还为涉及刑事因素的合规事宜提供意见, 代表公司和个人客户。客户进一步受益于其在制定合规政策和提供相关培训方面的经验。

团队强项 该团队因其深入的市场洞察力而被点名称赞。一位客户透露:“如果我们想了解情况,无论是纯粹的反腐败层面,还是帮助解释为什么某些事情在中国以特定方式发生, 我们认为金杜律师事务所特别有帮助。该团队有很好见解可以分享。”

业务亮点 为一家投资银行的前董事长就一项商业贿赂指控进行辩护。


Liu Haitao
is well reputed for his skilful handling of cross-border internal and government investigations for foreign corporations. Clients find him to be very insightful, with one appreciating: "He has full ability to express the vagueness of the system and what is going on behind the scenes at high level. He packages it in an understandable way - he is very helpful in that respect." Not only well placed to handle cases brought under FCPA, he is also experienced in advising on compliance and anti-bribery assessment under PRC laws.

律师因擅长为外国公司处理跨境内部和政府调查而闻名。客户认为他非常具洞察力, 其中一位称赞道: “他有全面的能力去解释系统模糊性以及在高层级幕后所发生的事情。他以易于理解的方式去包装它, 他在这方面非常有帮助。”他不仅擅长处理有关FCPA的案件,还在为中国法律下的合规和反贿赂评估提供建议方面也很有经验。

Wu Wei
has a broad offering in the corporate investigation sphere. On top of her experience assisting corporations with compliance reviews and assessments, she is also equipped to handle government investigations. She represents individuals in criminal law proceedings involving bribery allegations.

律师在公司调查领域提供广泛的服务。 除了拥有协助公司进行合规审查和评估的经验外,她还具备处理政府调查的能力。 她在涉及贿赂指控的刑法诉讼中代表个人客户。