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Kilburn & Strode understands the point where business, innovation and the law meet. Its reputation for straight-talking, commercially sound advice has helped to make it one of Europe's leading intellectual property firms. Dedicated to helping its clients protect and profit from ideas, the team is renowned for making the complex simple and for seeing the business issues as clearly as the legal ones. 

The firm: Kilburn & Strode is wholly focused on intellectual property. This single-minded approach enables the team to advise on the many legal, commercial and technical issues that come together in this highly complex area of the law.

The firm is home to many attorneys who are recognised as leading the way in their various disciplines. The well-respected trade mark and patent teams include specialists in electronics, IT, biotechnology, chemistry (material and pharmaceutical) and engineering. Collectively, they manage to combine being at the top of their game with a reputation for friendliness and jargon-free advice.

This is a firm that understands the value in tailoring its approach to suit the aims of each client. The team works collaboratively, taking the time to understand the issues on the table and the possibilities in the marketplace. It's an approach that has been honed over many years with a range of clients – big and small, established and new, universities and individuals.

Working this way has helped to make the firm a leading choice Europe-wide for IP advice.


Bassil, Nick

Care, Alison

Copsey, Tim

Cornish, Kristina

Crooks, Elizabeth

Eldridge, Kathryn

Fennell, Gareth

Harris, Jennifer

Howson, Richard

Korenberg, Alexander

Lau, Sarah

Lee, Nick

Leonard, Tom

Lindley, Carrollanne

Lloyd, Robin

Miller, Jim

Morrall, Jonathan

Pixton, Ryan

Roberts, Gwilym

Shipp, Nick

Stewart, Iain





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