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Litigation Support Guide 2023
Global-wide Asset Tracing & Recovery (Investigations Agencies)
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Provided by K2 Integrity

K2 Integrity specializes in helping clients identify, trace, and recover assets around the globe. Our asset tracing pursuits run the gamut: from funds shielded through complex corporate structures, to embezzled assets of former heads of state, to millions or billions misappropriated by schemers. We combine traditional asset tracing and recovery methods with the latest technological advancements to help our clients identify and recover attachable assets, uncover sophisticated embezzlement schemes, identify key relationships, and maximize the likelihood of recovery and the most desirable outcome. We design recovery strategies that support our clients throughout the process of asset tracing and recovery. 

To secure the return of misappropriated assets, a team with global expertise and intricate local knowledge is critical to a successful asset tracing strategy. K2 Integrity investigators have accumulated experience and knowledge few can match, and can provide critical intelligence in a wide range of contexts. 

Our asset tracing investigators are highly specialized with subject-matter expertise in:

  • Asset ownership structures
  • Researching public records
  • Conducting source interviews
  • Forensic accounting and financial investigations

Who we work for:

  • Sovereigns and government agencies
  • Corporations
  • Law firms
  • Investment managers
  • Individuals

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Asset Tracing & Recovery (Investigations Agencies)

Matt Taylor
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Provided by K2 Integrity

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