Omni Bridgeway

Litigation Funding Department

Asia-Pacific Region

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What the team is known for Formerly IMF Bentham, Omni Bridgeway has offices all across the Asia-Pacific region with operatives based in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the firm is praised for being "very sharp and carefully attuned to settlement opportunities," and for providing "great insights on general disputes strategy."

With a deep history in the Australian class action space, the firm is lauded for its in-house bookbuilding capability. Omni Bridgeway has added capacity to tackle judgment enforcement across the globe to complement its litigation funding expertise.

Strengths"IMF is very legally focused. When it comes to assessing the claims and assessing the risk. IMF looks closer at the deal, asks more questions and does more due diligence. The merger removes one competitor for them and makes them the premier funder in Singapore. There is no one else here like that."

"They have been very much at the forefront of the funding market, the most active and effective funder in the market. They are sophisticated. I have never seen them make a unsensible or bad decision. They are exactly what you want, expert and willing to take risk."

Work highlights Funded investigations and potential claims led by the liquidators of Trikomsel and Trikomsel Singapore. The two companies were used to raise more than SGD200 million in the Singapore bond market for PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk (Trikomsel), an Indonesian telecommunications company, which was not repaid following the sudden collapse of the company in 2015.

Notable practitioners

Clive Bowman is a founder of and global chief investment officer at Omni Bridgeway. With over two decades of funding experience, he is perhaps the most well-known funder in Australia.

A source remarks: "I don't think there is anyone outside of Clive that I would have considered a leading light. He has been the engine room of the business for many, many years. He's very strategic, and crunches the numbers to find the right solutions to funding needs."

Tom Glasgow is the chief investment officer for Asia at Omni Bridgeway. He is praised for his forthcoming and transparent working style and for being sensitive to the risks involved in funding.

"Tom is very experienced in international arbitration, after having worked for a number of years at Allen & Overy in Hong Kong. He is also extremely bright and insightful," reports one interviewee. "He brings these qualities to every discussion we have, including on the selection of experts and arbitrators, the development of case strategy, and the refinement of our arguments. He combines this with a sense of humour and affable nature, which makes him a true pleasure to work with."