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Icaza, González-Ruiz & Alemán offers its clients a wide range of legal services related to Panama's thriving maritime sector, which include the following areas of professional practice:

  • Enrollment of trading ships in general, rigs, auxiliary vessels, and pleasure yachts.
  • Registration of ships and yachts in jurisdictions such as Belize, Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Cyprus.​
  • Purchase and sale of ships, both locally and internationally.
  • Assistance with naval financing, drafting of loan contracts, constitution of ship mortgages, and other liens for ship financing.
  • Procedures related to obtaining port and maritime concessions in general, services for the installation of auxiliary industries, and navigation aid.
  • Advising on contracting for various maritime activities, such as chartering, transportation of goods, towage, pilotage, constitution of bank guarantees, delivery of petroleum-based products, and marine insurance.
  • Full assistance in the field of maritime litigation comprising the filing of lawsuits such as the seizure of ships, cargo, or fuel; those relating to the enforcement of maritime liens, those arising from freight contracts, chartering, gross or petty average, collision, salvage, and marine insurance.
  • Legal advice for issues related to work at sea and waterways.
  • Processing of claims and other proceedings before the Panama Canal Authority.


Fonseca Zauner, Alfredo R.

Herrera Jr, Alexis V

Medina, Joel R

Rivera, Moisés Iván