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What the team is known for A strong player in the Southern China market with experience handling a variety of shipping matters, including collision, cargo damage, charter party, bill of lading dispute and ship arrest, for P&I clubs and insurance companies. Familiar with contractual disputes in the shipping sector. Remains a sought-after team for insurance claims. Increasingly active in handling freight transportation and aviation litigation cases. Capable of representing clients in a variety of alternative dispute resolution procedures including litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Strengths"The team has successfully handled a number of influential cases and enjoys an excellent reputation in the market. Their strength lies in their legal knowledge, focused attitude and strong sense of direction in cases," notes an impressed client.

Work highlights Acted for Skuld P&I Club and Huatai Insurance Agency on a damage claim worth USD6 million.

Notable practitioners

业务优势 该所是中国南方地区市场的强有力参与者, 为保赔协会和保险公司处理各种航运事宜, 包括碰撞、货物损毁、租船合同、提货单纠纷和船舶扣押。熟悉航运领域里的合同纠纷。在保险索赔案件上仍是深受欢迎的团队。在处理货运和航空诉讼案件方面越来越活跃。能够代表客户处理各项替代争议解决方式, 包括诉讼、仲裁和调解程序。

团队强项    “该团队成功地处理许多具影响力的案件, 并在此市场享有盛誉。他们的优势在于他们的法律知识, 专注的态度, 以及对案件走向的强大触觉,” 一位印象深刻的客户如是说。

业务亮点   代理Skuld保赔协会和华泰保险处理一起价值600万美元的索赔案。


Huang Hui rises in the rankings after winning widespread praise for his expertise in the shipping space. He handles litigation and arbitration cases and offers prowess in shipbuilding disputes, cargo claims and collision cases. "He has deep knowledge, strong communication skills and offers a skilful, conscientious and effective analysis of cases," reports one client.

黄晖 律师以其在航运领域的专业知识而受到广泛的赞誉, 继而在排名中上升。他处理诉讼和仲裁案件, 并在造船纠纷、货物索赔和碰撞案件方面表现出实力。一位客户报告说: “他知识渊博, 沟通能力强, 能够就案件提供娴熟、认真和有效的分析。”

Huang Yaquan is an "influential and wise" practitioner, according to a source. He has a wealth of experience advising P&I clubs and shipowners on shipping disputes and insurance-related matters.

根据一位消息人士的说法,  黄亚泉 律师是一位 “具影响力和智慧的”律师。他在为保赔协会和船东就航运纠纷和与保险相关的事宜提供建议方面拥有丰富的经验。