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Harris & Company LLP is western Canada's largest workplace law and advocacy firm. By specializing in labour and employment, our clients are confident they are working with an experienced team who understand the legal framework of workplace law and are knowledgeable about recent developments, significant decisions, and emerging issues.

Founded in 1992, Harris is home to leading lawyers in each of our practice areas:

  • ​Labour Law
  • Employment Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Litigation
  • Education Law
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Workers Compensation
  • Privacy and Access to Information
  • Administrative Law


Amit, Reut

Burkes, Ilan

Chafetz, Israel

Cocke, Brad

Colavecchia, Mark

Cooperwilliams, Matthew

Csiszar, Peter

Dong, Barry

Dong, Jeremy

Doyle, Frances

Fairbairn, Jessica

Fairweather, Paul

Fiorido, Michela

Gibson, Colin

Gibson, Colin

Hancock, Michael

Harris, Eric

Hoopes, Jaime

Hume, Gavin

Jarvis, Robyn

Johnston, Vincent

Jordan, Donald

Kennedy, Suzanne

Krenn, Kacey

Leenheer, Chris

Levy, Connor

Litherland, Geoffrey

McCann, Scott

Mitchell, Keith

Mitha, Nazeer

Mitha, Nazeer T.

Paez, Alyssa

Posyniak, Tom

Rideout, Dianne

Sieg, Rodney

Thomson, Lindsie

Toye, Nicole

Truman, Richard

Tsang, Lana

Vellins, Stephanie

White, Erin

Wiens, Sari

Wills, Adriana

Winter, Alan

Wood, Andrew

Woolias, David


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