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We have ample experience in project financing and the infrastructure sector in general. The firm represents financial institutions, governments, multilateral agencies, suppliers, contractors and sponsors in connection with transactions related to the infrastructure sector in Mexico, including power, oil and gas, water, airports, highways, maritime ports, railways, telecommunications and agribusiness.

Such participation covers a broad range of legal issues related to the project finance field including the conduction of due diligence and legal audit processes, the legal structure of the relevant project, the implementation and negotiation of the relevant transactional documents necessary to implement the project or to secure any financing related thereto.

The firm also intervenes in the general and overall legal advice regarding the compliance with specific laws and regulations, including administrative, land acquisition and tenancy, concession and permit rights and environmental requirements.

Additionally, we have lawyers specialized in the evaluation of project’s social impact, which add value and prevent any contingencies (e.g., costs) in the development of projects and operation thereof.


Becerra, Hernando

Cervantes Trejo, Jorge

González Calvillo, Enrique

Moreno Silva, Oscar

Pineda, Diana

Rojas, Rodrigo

Vargas, Gonzalo