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Reinhold Cohn Group (RCG) is the leading Intellectual Property consulting firm in Israel.  RCG offers a full breadth of Intellectual Property related services and expertise including – Protection, Asset Management, Due Diligence, Litigation & Legal services.  The firm operates in all areas of IP such as patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, open source, plant breeders' rights, etc.

The group includes the patent attorneys firm Reinhold Cohn & Partners and the law firm Gilat, Bareket & Co.

The law firm of Gilat, Bareket & Co. is a leading intellectual property firm in Israel, specializing in litigation and legal protection of intellectual property rights in patents, technology, brands, designs, creative works and inventions.

With years of professional experience, Gilat, Bareket & Co. garners recognition for successfully litigating landmark cases and representing domestic and international clients in the areas of its expertise, including patent and trademark litigation, protection of designs and copyright, structuring and negotiating IP-related contracts and transactions, R&D agreements, licence agreements, knowledge acquisition and technology transfer agreements, enforcement of brand owners’ rights to prevent import and distribution of counterfeits and imitations, investment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, distribution agreements, Internet law and strategic cooperation with foreign companies.


Bareket, Eran

Ben Dori - Alkan, Chen

Blanc, Luiz

Gilat, Daphna

Gilat, David

Goldenberg, Lihi

Gonen, Orit

Kornick, Roy

Peled, Rakefet

Yahalom, Yair