FTI Consulting

Business Intelligence & Investigations Department

USA - Nationwide

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Located in key financial centres around the world, FTI Consulting’s team of forensic accountants, investigators, open-source intelligence (OSINT) experts and analysts work collaboratively to conduct sophisticated investigations, uncover actionable intelligence and perform value-added analysis to help decision-makers mitigate risk and make informed decisions.

We bring a multidisciplinary approach to complex factual, financial and business-critical investigations, combining functional expertise in corporate internal investigations, anti-bribery and foreign corruption risk assessments, transactional due diligence, cybersecurity investigations, litigation intelligence and commercial disputes, all with a local understanding of the different jurisdictional challenges involved.

Working with many of the world’s largest corporates and law firms on their most sensitive issues, the integrity of our analysis and the confidentiality of client information underpins everything we do.