Provided by Fasken

We work with clients across every step of the supply chain, from production to processing, distribution to agri-finance. Our team of lawyers and agents have the scientific, business and regulatory backgrounds to provide strategic advice in almost any situation your business may face. By collaborating with colleagues firm wide, with knowledge on matters unique to agribusiness, food and beverage law, we create multi-disciplinary solutions that protect client interests as their products move from conception to consumer or clinical use.

We help local and global agribusiness, food & beverage producers, distributors and retailers navigate the Canadian regulatory landscape including complex supply management and dynamic trade environments. Some sectors are heavily regulated with price setting and supply quotas, as well as having trade barriers. We’ll provide the advice you need on these and on all compliance issues, including food safety, labelling, additives, GMOs, licensing and advertising. Clients can also rely on our trade law experience for advice on import/export control, sanctions and maximizing the benefits from trade agreements.