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The Dispute Resolution team of Ellex is widely recognised as one of the largest and most experienced litigation teams in Estonia. Over the years, it has successfully handled many landmark cases. On a day to day basis,  members of the team are engaged in complex local and international disputes in a wide variety of substantive areas.The Ellex dispute resolution team has served as lead counsel in several landmark disputes that have had a major impact on the market and entrepreneurship.

Ellex is a best combination of dispute resolution lawyers and M&A negotiators – there are several cases where the clients have benefitted from skilful combination of ability to secure the clients position via dispute resolution and working out an excellent transaction despite of difficult or hostile situations.

Ellex is also one of the few firms in the market with substantial experience in international arbitration – including various arbitration institutes in London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Luxembourg, PCA arbitration etc. Ellex represents the strongest team in the region – a substantial team with a great variety of partners and associates with high-end experience. The head of the team, Mr Arne Ots, and the key partners continue to be among the most recognized experts in the field.

In addition to our traditional litigation practice,Ellex has developed specialised teams for handling bankruptcy restructuring matters as well as public procurement disputes.


Ots, Arne (Head of Department)

Estorn, Rety

Fura, Elisabet

Kisseljova, Julia

Klemm, Rauno

Könn, Liis

Kruus, Maret

Kütt, Marika

Laidvee, Kaisa

Margus, Kaisa

Meier, Mailis

Mody, Chirag

Must, Mari

Nõmper, Ants

Noot, Sandra-Kristin

Ratnik, Henri

Raude, Martin-Johannes

Raude, Martin-Johannes

Reinson, Kristiina

Saks, Reet

Sigal, Anton

Teder, Maria

Triipan, Martin

Urke, Kristel

Uudelt, Neve

Vaher, Toomas

Velling, Meris


BLRT Grupp AS, one of the biggest industrial holdings

East Capital Explorer, a Swedish investment company

Estonian Authors’ Society, Estonian Performers’ Union

Estonian Bar Association

Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Estonian Ministry of Environment

Estonian Ministry of Finance

Europark Estonia OÜ, an international parking operator

Government of the Republic of Estonia

Orgita Põld OÜ, producer of agricultural products

Prisma Peremarket AS, a Finnish-based food retailer

Sportland International Group, operator of the retail chains

State Forest Management Centre, manager of state forests

Swedbank AS, a Nordic-Baltic banking group

Telia Company AB, Europe’s 5th largest telecom operator

Vopak E.O. S. AS, oil products terminal operator



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