Provided by Elevate

Elevate combines people, processes, and technology to provide the full spectrum of contracts services for our customers. Our CLM solutions reduce contract-related risk and enable legal teams to focus on higher-value activities. Services include:

  • Contracts Insights Elevate’s expert-led, AI software-powered offering for transforming unstructured contracts material into high-quality structured data and extracting metadata and provisions using a rigorous, highly accurate, and cost-effective process
  • Technology Managed Services to configure, maintain, and support all leading CLM systems through the use of our contracts management software
  • Managed Contracts Services for outsourced management of low-risk, low/medium complexity contracts

 Our CLM services integrate with Analyse Documents, our propriety AI-powered contracts software technology that accurately and cost-effectively processes large document sets to isolate and identify key provisions for extraction and remediation.


Provided by Elevate