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Partnership. This is the focal point of Demarest's Energy department. It is formed by a multidisciplinary team experienced in providing services to concessionaires, investors, consumers and government agencies and working side by side with our clients, focusing on efficiency and results.

The activities conducted by the Energy Department include:

  • Energy consulting and dispute resolution, in matters involving energy regulatory agencies (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency - ANEEL; National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels - ANP; and state agencies), related bodies (Brazilian Water Agency - ANA; Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - IBAMA; state agencies; National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM; National Indian Foundation - Funai, etc.) and further grantees (generation, transmission, distribution or commercialization of electricity, oil and gas) in all stages (procurement, construction and maintenance);
  • performance of due diligence investigations involving companies in the energy sector;
  • negotiations, drafting and review of contracts in the energy sector;
  • advice on projects on energy obtained from the most varied sources, and on all activities related to the sector;
  • advice on participation in bidding processes and undertakings;
  • project finance and restructuring of energy companies' debts; and
  • advice on issues involving environmental laws applied to the energy sector.

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