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Real Estate Department is best known to provide solutions to complex problems. Nicaragua real estate property registry system, in many areas still using hand written books, has many deficits and inconsistencies that lead to challenging cases in which no simple solution is available. This year, Consortium Legal – Nicaragua has had to deal with multiple cases in which clients required us to update and record actual areas when differences were found between titles and reality. 

Multistep process and careful planning is important to avoid unnecessary conflicts with neighboring properties in those cases. Other complex cases are the ones in which heirs of previous generations did not record the hereditary transfer of a property which now is being considered for sale or purchase. Similar situation occurs when merged companies did not update ownership information and 10-20 years later want to sell and update information. Practical obstacles need to be overcome, in short periods of time to satisfy client needs and avoid a transaction cancellation. These are examples of the type of work that our department works on, beyond the simple bread and butter purchase or lease of a property. 


Taboada, Carlos (Head of Department)

Martínez, Brenda