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Guatemala Banking & Finance
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With over 15 years of regional experience, references from leading local and international banks demonstrate that we are undisputed leaders in banking and finance. Our extensive history in financial transactions has resulted in a deep practical understanding of the regulatory landscape, making us the chosen firm for top-notch legal advice in the financial industry.

Advising investment projects, our multidisciplinary team flexibly covers all phases of your projects across a spectrum of legal areas (labor, corporate, criminal, and tax). Our Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate, and Regulatory teams work together to advise our clients, saving them weeks in M&A transaction negotiations by addressing legal issues simultaneously.

In Guatemala, our Banking and Finance practice is recognized as a department committed to providing the highest quality standards and the widest experience in legal advice and consulting for all types of financial institutions, multilaterals and corporate clients. Our department provides 24/7 service to clients located over various jurisdictions which require our team to be readily available to attend the client’s requests. Our department has a strong base and services, mostly, financial institutions and multilaterals in the structuring and execution of financial transactions as well as with the development and implementation of new products.

Recently the department has branched out to include advice to clients who are looking to capitalize on FinTech.

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Banking & Finance

Álvaro Castellanos
Álvaro Castellanos
Head of Banking & Finance
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Melissa Moran
Melissa Moran
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