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Alternative Legal Service Providers Guide 2023
Global-wide Contract Lifecycle Management
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Contract Lifecycle Management

CogniaXceed, our integrated commercial contracting approach, helps organisations to work smarter, faster and more collaboratively to improve contract compliance, speed up time to market and reduce revenue leakage delivering at least five times return on investment.

Our end-to-end solution effectively combines people and technology to ensure the right person is working on the right task at the right time. It uses a digitized platform which is scalable and adaptable with the ability to flex up and down as required. Our workflows are optimised using the Lean Six Sigma methodology and ISO quality control standards.

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Contract Lifecycle Management - Global-wide
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What the team is known for

Cognia Law is well placed to aid clients seeking outsourced contracting capabilities. It has significant expertise in financial services work, as well as the technology, life sciences, industrials and retail sectors. Its permanent and contract lawyers range from newly-qualified to senior lawyers with 20-plus years' experience.

Notable practitioners

Janet Taylor-Hall is the firm's CEO and founder.


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