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Founded in 2007, Coelho & Dalle Advogados is one of the most renowned law firms of Brazil’s Northeast Region. Our firm is best known for a tailor-made approach towards every client. We assist regional and large national and multinational companies in complex and strategic civil and commercial litigation issues. 


Our team is prepared to offer complete litigation assistance with a multidisciplinary structure, even in the most complex cases involving all legal practices and business areas. We assist regional and national companies in, among others: proactive knowledge of the client’s area of activity; constant presence in the court; arbitration and mediation;assistance in the financial and foreign exchange spheres; business recovery and bankruptcy.


Our team has also solid arbitration experience working both in negotiations and in contracting of arbitrations agreements and advocating for parties in arbitration proceedings. Our team's involvement in our clients' business includes proactive knowledge on behalf of the company. In addition, due to our field of expertise, we have developed a network with local lawyers across Brazil and abroad, through a selective and continuous process to assess their efficiency, reliability and ethics.


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Dispute Resolution: North East

Ana Carolina Borba Lessa Barbosa
Ana Carolina Borba Lessa Barbosa
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