Provided by CISA Trust Company

CISA Trust Company (BVI) Ltd. was established in the British Virgin Islands in 2010.

Licensing and Supervision

CISA holds a Class 1 Trust License in the BVI, and is authorized to provide trust, company management, and resident agent services. CISA is subject to licensing and supervision by the BVI FSC.

BVI Trust Services

CISA provides a full range of trust services in the BVI, including reserved powers trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, discretionary trusts, fixed interest trusts, and VISTA trusts. CISA also offers Private Trust Companies (PTCs) and Purpose Trusts to hold the shares of PTCs. CISA holds a wide range of assets in trust, including financial assets, real estate, operating companies, aircraft, yachts, etc.

Company Management Services

CISA BVI offers incorporation and company management services for BVI companies, as well as BVI partnerships, and incorporation and management services for entities created in other jurisdictions. CISA offers fully managed BVI companies.

Resident Agent Services

CISA BVI offers Resident Agent and Registered Office services for BVI companies under its administration.

Accounting Services

CISA provides book keeping and accounting services for trusts and entities under administration, depending on requirements.

FATCA/CRS Services

CISA Provides support for entity classification under FATCA and CRS, including assistance with completion of W-8BEN-Es and CRS Self Certification Forms.


Provided by CISA Trust Company

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Provided by CISA Trust Company


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