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Financially challenging times can be daunting, but the right legal partner can help minimise losses and reinvigorate stumbling businesses.

Our team is adept at handling all kinds of insolvency and restructuring proceedings, from the relatively small and straightforward to the most demanding and complex. If engaged at an early stage, we can help your business get back on track by identifying and heading off problems before they get out of control. In insolvency proceedings, our team’s unrivaled experience will ensure that proceedings run efficiently and lead to the best possible result for creditors.

Our insolvency experts are top-rated in all major international publications and have a proven track record of handling the most complex international insolvency proceedings.

Chambers Global ranks us as Finland's leading law firm in insolvency proceedings. The most significant international law directories continuously recommend Pauliina Tenhunen and Pekka Jaatinen as leading lawyers in Finland.

  • Voluntary Restructurings​
  • Restructuring Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Enforcement of Pledges
  • Insolvency Litigation
  • Liquidation Proceedings
  • Cross Border Insolvency Proceedings

Contact: Partners Pauliina Tenhunen and Pekka Jaatinen

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Pekka Jaatinen
Pekka Jaatinen
Senior Statespeople
Pauliina Tenhunen
Pauliina Tenhunen
Head of Restructuring/Insolvency
Band 1
Elina Pesonen
Elina Pesonen
Band 4


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Christer Svartström

Pauliina Tenhunen

Pauliina Tenhunen

Head of Department


Provided by Castrén & Snellman

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