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California Litigation: Appellate
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Provided by Complex Appellate Litigation Group LLP

The Complex Appellate Litigation Group's practice is dedicated exclusively to appeals, writs, petitions, Supreme Court briefs, and other proceedings in state and federal appellate courts. The firm also consults in trial courts with an eye toward appeal.

Many of the firm's lawyers worked in appellate courts as law clerks and research attorneys. They write about them. They teach about them. They've all spent their careers practicing in them. They know the judges and justices, and they understand what goes on behind the scenes.

That means they often know the most sophisticated techniques and most advanced strategies to win, and they deploy them for some of the country's most sophisticated and advanced corporations, small businesses involved in high-stakes litigation, and individuals with everything on the line.

Recently, the firm obtained a $13.5 million victory in consolidated contract and tort appeals, a new trial from $36.3 million jury verdict, and a reversal of a $1 million per year judgement.

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Complex Appellate Litigation Group LLP

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Litigation: Appellate

Mary-Christine (M.C.) Sungaila
Mary-Christine (M.C.) Sungaila
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Rex S Heinke
Rex S Heinke
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Provided by Complex Appellate Litigation Group LLP

Anna-Rose Mathieson

Ben Feuer

Head of Department

Charles Kagay

Claudia Ribet

Frank McGuire

Greg Wolf

Jennifer Teaford

Jens Koepke

Jessica Weisel

Jocelyn Sperling

Johanna Schiavoni

Katy Graham

Kelly Woodruff

Kirstin Ault

Melanie Gold

Robert A. Roth

Sharon Baumgold

Susan Horst

Susan Yorke