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The Commercial and Business Litigation group at Burch, Porter & Johnson has represented clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and individuals in all types of commercial and business litigation, as well as in the pre-litigation resolution of business disputes, in a wide range of industries. Members of the firm have practiced in federal and state courts across the United States at both the trial and appellate levels. Our clients benefit from our efficient staffing of matters and the fact that more than half of our commercial litigators served clerkships with judges in federal or state courts. 


Bicks, Nathan

Cates, Taylor

Crosby, Scott

Feibelman, Jef

Feild, R. Porter

Gibson, Tannera

Glover, Molly

Goodman Jr., David

Hagerman, Jennifer S.

Halijan, Douglas F.

Harris, David

Higgins, Charles S.

Hillard, Patrick

Lester, Lani

Maravich, Melissa

Moore, Melisa

Newman, Charlie

Peeples, Gary S.

Plumley, Eric

Saharovich, Ryan

Smith, Sarah