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Our Public Law practice group is active in many significant regulatory matters. Among others, it provides counsel and assistance to regulated companies, public utilities providers, banks in the resolution of pending disputes with the Argentine public sector by means of the preparation, handling and pursuing of appeals and claims before administrative agencies, judicial courts and arbitration tribunals.

As a part of the comprehensive legal advice provided by Bruchou to its clients, the Public Law practice group advices on general issues of compliance and anticorruption procedures, with a special focus in situations related to public procurement procedures. In addition -and together with the Natural Resources & Mining team- we provide environmental assistance to large industrial companies in Argentina.

The Public Law -together with other practice groups of the Firm- provides also a joint approach to the legal proceedings initiated by regulatory bodies for the violation of foreign exchange, capital markets and money laundering regulations, as well as operating rules applicable to financial institutions. Our Public Law practice group contributes to the analysis of the cases with its expertise in constitutional, administrative and procedural aspects in these matters which offers the client a full service experience.