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London (Bar)
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"A set with an unbeatable range of expertise across a plethora of legal disciplines," Blackstone Chambers has a commercial litigation offering of great renown. Individuals here have been involved in a wide spectrum of legally complex disputes and have displayed notable capability in international cases, with recent examples including PJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov & Others, a case regarding a Russian state-owned oil company claiming USD330 million against Ukrainian businessmen over the refusal to pay for oil delivered in 2007. Blackstone members were also instructed in Privatbank v Kolomoisky and Others, a case concerning an alleged USD2 million money laundering scheme perpetrated by defendants domiciled in Switzerland, with the assistance of English and British Virgin Islands companies. The set comes highly recommended for "its very good bench depth and its excellent individuals, who are both highly commercial and very hard-working."

Client service: "The clerking team, led by Gary Oliver, goes above and beyond on all fronts. The clerks are extremely responsive, and no matter is too difficult for them." "They are extremely responsive, commercial and personable."

Alan Maclean QC

Strengths: "An intellectual powerhouse." "Very user-friendly. He is bright, tenacious and aggressive in all the right ways."
Recent work: Acted for global energy and chemicals business Ineos in a high-profile case about fracking.

Andrew George QC

Strengths: "He drafts beautifully" and "sees the issues that matter straight away."
Recent work: Acted for Harry Greenhouse in his successful claim against Paysafe Financial Services concerning contractual and restitution disputes.

Andrew Green QC

Strengths: "He is collegiate, he takes a focused approach and his advocacy is precise." "If you have a case which involves cross-examining difficult witnesses, that really is his forte." 
Recent work: Acted for HSBC in defending a claim brought by hundreds of investors against the promoters, banks and other intermediaries involved in the Ingenious film and game tax schemes.

Andrew Hunter QC

Strengths: "He is extraordinarily bright, hard-working and rolls up his sleeves to fix the problem." "Andrew is a good, confident strategist and an effective advocate."
Recent work: Acted for PrivatBank in its USD2 billion fraud claim against Ukranian oligarchs domiciled in Switzerland, who allegedly laundered money with the assistance of English and British Virgin Islands companies.

Andrew Scott

Strengths: "Extremely clever and a really good advocate, he is very strong in pretty much every area and as a result is getting busier and busier." "He is great for seriously complicated general commercial matters."
Recent work: Acted for BlackRock in successfully resisting a challenge to the validity of an USD850 million Islamic finance transaction.

Anthony Peto QC

Strengths: "He is fantastic in court and his judgement is superb."
Recent work: Acted in Ocado v Faiman & Others, a case regarding an alleged breach of confidence and alleged conspiracy to injure.

David Lowe

Strengths: "He provides clear, quality advice." "David is really bright, exceptionally so. He's got very good interpersonal skills; he says it like it is but leaves no doubt that everything's well considered."
Recent work: Acted as sole counsel for the claimant in Seamas Daly v Thomas Ryan, a deceit, breach of contract and conspiracy claim.

Fraser Campbell

Strengths: "Incredibly intelligent, highly commercial, hard-working, proactive and just a brilliant advocate." "His drafting is concise and to the point, which drives cases. In court he is an extremely adept cross-examiner who judges warm to."
Recent work: Acted for AXA in a £500 million claim for the recovery of costs and losses incurred by UK insurance subsidiaries as a result of large-scale PPI mis-selling on their behalf by Santander.

Harry Adamson

Strengths: "Brilliant and cuts through the issues really well." "He's fiendishly bright, a delight to work with, personable and someone to recommend for any sort of commercial dispute."
Recent work: Acted for the fourth defendant in PJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov & Others, a USD330 million claim brought by a Russian state-owned oil company against four Ukrainian businessmen. The case arose out of a refusal by a Ukrainian oil refinery to pay for oil delivered in 2007.

Ian Mill QC

Strengths: "Incredibly good at getting on top of a matter quickly, he really commands the court when on his feet." "He is a heavyweight in cross-examination and extremely knowledgeable."
Recent work: Acted for Haider in its claims against Credit Suisse over the mis-selling of financial products.

Mark Vinall

Strengths: "Very clever and inventive." "He is unflappable and down to earth."
Recent work: Acted for a large group of claimants suing the promoters, advisers and banks involved in the Ingenious film investment schemes.

Michael Bloch QC

Strengths: "He is a delight in court, and he has seen and done everything so nothing fazes him." "Brilliant on his feet."
Recent work: Acted for the successful claimants in UPL v AgChemAccess Ltd, a case centring on allegations that the defendant had manufactured and sold copy versions of the claimant’s agrochemical products.

Robert Anderson QC

Strengths: "Very bright and hard-working. His courtroom ability makes him stand out as he can really change a case." "He is a brilliantly powerful advocate who really holds the court's attention."
Recent work: Appeared in Magdeev v Tsvetkov, a dispute between several Russian oligarchs in relation to the Graff diamond franchise in Cyprus.

Robert Howe QC

Strengths: "Robert is always a pleasure to work with. He is unflappable and a very safe pair of hands." "His advice is clear, detailed, practical and commercial."
Recent work: Instructed by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to defend claims brought by Brokwel Management concerning USD20 million in bonds and USD1.2 billion gold reserves held at the Bank of England.

Robert Weekes

Strengths: "A very fine draftsman who does not miss a trick." "He is not afraid to muck in, has a great work ethic and is a pleasure to work with."
Recent work: Acted as sole counsel for Crownmark in a case brought by WRM Capital Asset Management Sarli in respect of a USD50 million loan agreement.

Shaheed Fatima QC

Strengths: "Absolutely brilliant - an excellent advocate who is really easy to get along with." "She's very smart and gets on top of a large volume of detail very quickly."
Recent work: Acted for the corporate defendant in AAA & Others v Gemfields Ltd, a mass tort claim arising out of the operation of a ruby mine in Mozambique.

Thomas de la Mare QC

Strengths: "He is very creative and thoughtful about the way he will present an argument." "You cannot help but be drawn into his submissions."
Recent work: Acted for the European Medicines Agency in relation to its forced head office relocation from London to Amsterdam. The case posed the question as to whether the EU agency's move frustrated its 25-year lease.

Tom Weisselberg QC

Strengths: "A very user-friendly barrister who works incredibly hard, gives commercial advice and is absolutely loved by clients." "He is brilliant to work with, he is clever and he sees the wood for the trees."
Recent work: Acted for a Ukrainian defendant in PJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov, a USD380 million claim brought by a Russian state-owned oil company.

Victoria Windle

Strengths: "She has a breadth of work across all areas of commercial law and it is a delight to work with her." "Her advice is always very reasoned, measured and completely clear."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in Auden McKenzie v Patel, a fraud claim with associated contractual claims.