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Our Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring Department handles financial restructurings and bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings for national and international clients in industries such as food, banking, insurance, automotive, agribusiness, and transport & logistics, among others. Mostly representing creditors, and in some cases being counsels to insolvent companies. We advise on bankruptcy, insolvency and debt restructuring issues at the national and provincial level, as well as on cross-border cases. Our team’s insolvency and bankruptcy portfolio exceeds a hundred proceedings in national and provincial jurisdictions throughout the country.

Our professionals manage prejudicial proceedings, credit recovery, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, and debt restructuring. They also handle enforcement of guarantees, ineffective operations, bankruptcy extensions and liability actions. They advise on the preparation of guarantees in international financing operations and application of national guarantees, and their eventual effects in case of insolvency. They also represent foreign and national clients in related actions of bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings, such as liability actions, restitution and extension of bankruptcies.


García Delatour, Gonzalo

Gastaldi, Martín

Güemes, Eduardo

Kreser, Fernando

Labán, Rocío

Lodewyckx Hardy, Pilar

Salemme Duprat, Yanina

Sosa, Federico


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