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The unique experience and reputation of BBH in the Banking, Finance and Insurance Law practice areas consist not only of standard banking and finance work, such as all types of loan financing, but also of unrivalled expertise in the areas of derivatives and regulatory issues. BBH holds a very strong position in representing important Czech, Slovak and international groups in the negotiation of loan documentation with Czech, Slovak and foreign banks, with average volumes ranging between hundreds of millions and billions CZK. BBH is also a highly sought-after law firm for bond issuance and IPO programs on the Czech, Slovak and foreign exchange and stock markets. As it turned out, in the fast-developing world of financial regulation where EU is now in the middle of setting up a whole new regulatory framework for all financial institutions the likes of CRD IV, MiFID 2, PSD 2 Solvency II, etc., this move proved to be hugely innovative and forward looking. It is a true unique niche area of expertise which no other law or consultancy firm has on the Czech market.

BBH also has an extremely strong and experienced financial regulations team lead by Tomas Sedlacek.

Another BBH's strong area of practice is fintech advisory, uniquely combining its expertise in financial regulation, IT/IP, TMT and compliance/corporate governance. The innovative leading P2P platform Zonky and unique fintech My Air and DATEIO operations are a good example of providing comprehensive services in this area.

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Banking & Finance

Tomáš Sedláček
Tomáš Sedláček
Head of Banking & Finance
Band 4
Capital Markets

Tomáš Sedláček
Tomáš Sedláček
Band 3


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Adam Nečas

Andrea Adamcová

Kristýna Živanská

Petr Přecechtěl

Tomáš Johanna

Tomáš Sedláček

Tomáš Sedláček

Head of Department

Zdeněk Husták


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Air bank a.s.

EP Energy a.s./CE, Energy a.s.

EPH Group

Equa bank a.s.

Home Credit Group

J&T Group

Nordic Investors Group, a.s.

PPF Group

PPF banka

Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Rockaway Capital

Sberbank CZ

Česká Exportní Banka (Czech Export Bank)

Česká Národní Banka (Czech National Bank)

Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s./CETIN Finance B.V.

Škoda Transportation Group


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