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Globalisation, regulation and an ever-accelerating pace make business more demanding and complicated. The same is true for your court disputes. We are here to defend your interests both in and out of court and to resolve your disputes swiftly and effectively.

Our litigation practice deals with all types of corporate and commercial disputes and all related areas of law, such as insurance litigation, employment law litigation, disputes involving trusts and estates as well as bankruptcy-related proceedings.

In addition to ordinary civil proceedings, our forensic practice is active in pursuing enforcement action, seeking interlocutory remedies (attachments and other interim measures) and asset recovery as well as representing our clients in international legal assistance and administrative proceedings. We also have extensive experience in advising clients on the Swiss ramifications of cross-border proceedings, including US litigation, mass tort and class actions.

At Bär & Karrer, we represent clients before all courts and administrative authorities in Switzerland. Our resources allow us to handle all kinds of disputes efficiently, from routine matters to large and complex multinational litigation. From the outset, we will staff our teams in consultation with you depending on your specific needs, drawing on a pool of court practitioners and specialists from all relevant practice areas.

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Andreas D Länzlinger
Andreas D Länzlinger
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Aurélie Conrad Hari
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Andrew M. Garbarski

Cinzia Catelli

Daniel Leu

Jan Kleiner

Laura Widmer

Luca Jagmetti

Markus Schott

Markus Wang

Matthew T. Reiter

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Michele Bernasconi

Pascal Hachem

Philippe Seiler

Tin Wüstemann

Vera Naegeli