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Dispute Resolution Department

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Badri and Salim El Meouchi Law Firm’s litigation and arbitration departments are very active in litigations before the Lebanese and Qatar Financial Centre courts, and advise clients and/or local counsel in disputes across the entire region.


The firm is renowned for its strong litigation department in Lebanon and the QFC.

The firm is active in front of all levels of courts in Lebanon, including the First Court of Cassation (Lebanon’s Supreme Court). Its lawyers have continued the firm’s century-old tradition of strong and ethical advocacy, thus earning the respect of the judiciary.

In the QFC, the firm has been involved in first instance and appellate court proceedings, before leading judges, including a former President of the UK Supreme Court.

The firm also advises various clients in litigations across the Middle East, alongside local counsel. The firm is able to coordinate multijurisdictional disputes on behalf of clients, ensuring a coherent strategy and maximising the chances of a positive outcome.

ADR and Arbitration

The firm is very frequently called upon for ADR and arbitration work.

One of the firm’s specialties is pre-conflict advice in various sectors (including construction, insurance and corporate law), enabling clients to avoid impending disputes and, should a dispute arise, be better prepared to deal with it.

The firm’s DR team is frequently called upon to act in arbitration cases, either as counsel or as arbitrator.