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Arias has over 80 years of experience providing accurate and timely solutions with a great team of professionals, award-winning client service and unparalleled innovation to the region’s legal market.

Arias is a full-service law firm able to provide advice in over 35 practice areas; with a legal team of 43 Partners and around 150 lawyers through their 7 offices across Central America.

We are best known for providing ethic and efficient legal advice to avoid or minimize all type of contingencies for companies, especially contractual and extra contractual liabilities, labour and tax.

Facing a dispute, we consider not only legal issues but the operations and business itself of our clients, providing legal advice and different scenarios that will benefit both legal and business positive development.

We are also known for successful administrative litigation against resolutions issued by governmental offices in violation of the law.

Our office specializes in Constitutional actions against constitutional rights infringement via Amparo Resource before the Constitutional Hall or Contentious-Administrative lawsuit before the Contentious -Administrative Hall, both Supreme Court of Justice.

Additionally, we have expertise in prosecution for Intellectual property rights infringement for local and worldwide recognized trademarks, acting with the District Attorney´s office, customs, and the tax authority. 

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Octavio Alarcon
Octavio Alarcon
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